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In this section you will find articles written by David on various subjects that interest him – and hopefully you!

3.Travels & Eclipses

David at the Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland 2010














Eclipses and Exotic Locations


In addition to attending IAAA workshops in places like Iceland, Hawaii, Death Valley, Yellowstone and Nicaragua, Hardy enjoys trips abroad in order to see total solar eclipses. He says he chooses places that he has always wanted to see but may not have travelled to (often for several thousand miles) had there not been an eclipse there; and if the eclipse isn't seen due to weather conditions, at least he has seen the country. This was the case with China in 2009 (below; billed as 'the longest eclipse of the century', at over 6 minutes), the other 'failure' being 1999, seen by a few from the UK but not by David, on a cruise ship near the Scilly Isles!


Below are links to some of the many photographs he took during these trips:  


On Jalbum:


China (Eclipse) 2009    China 2


Iceland 2010


Grand Canyon Workshop 2011


Vesuvius & Etna 2011


Iceland 2013   Aurora in Iceland, 2013  (Video)



















On Flickr:


Tahiti/Hao (Eclipse)/Easter Island 2010


There is also a video of the total eclipse seen from the Hao Atoll here.












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