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Buy David A. Hardy art
Due to problems with Brexit orders cannot at present be taken for Europe. Sorry!


We now have a Shop from which you can buy merchandise such as DVDs, Ties, etc. Just put it in your Cart and go to Checkout. 

Signed, photo-quality inkjet prints of most of the images seen in the Galleries are available in three sizes:

Super A3 (48.5 x 33cm):  £40.00
A3 (42 x 30cm):             £35.00
A4 (29.6 x 21cm):           £25.00
All prices are postfree in the UK. But*:
NB: for overseas sales please add £8.00 (at present this needs to be sent as a separate PayPal payment to )
If you would prefer a larger size, we can obtain high-quality giclée prints of many of the images (some were painted too small to be enlarged greatly), up to a metre or more in height or width (see left). Please just email to discuss details and price. Original art used as illustrations, book covers etc. is occasionally available; for new work please see Commisions.
Payment is by PayPal, where you may also use your Credit Card. So if you'd like to have David's art on your wall, or have any other enquiries, please click for more information, or use our Contact page.

Top Left: Print. Very early Moonscape from 1952.

Lower Left: Original.'Two Worlds' (2015): the interior of a Moonbase, also showing the contrast between the bleak, monochrome lunar landscape and our fertile planet with its blue skies, water and vegetation.

Acrylics, 55cm x 90cm, framed.   SOLD

For more originals available, please see Volcanoes.



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