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David A. Hardy, FBIS, FIAAA
is the longest-established living space artist
in the West, being first published in 1952


From working almost exclusively in water colours and gouache he has gone on to embrace acrylics, oils, pastels, photography and, since 1991, digital art in Photoshop on a Mac.



NB: All art is ©David A. Hardy/AstroArt, and may NOT be used without written permission


Please double-click on any image in Galleries to see full details,

and price if available.


This website is designed to serve two main purposes:

  • To act as a gallery for a full range of Hardy art, in all media, from the 50s to the present day, including astronomical, SF & fantasy, volcanoes and geology, commercial and other work. NOTE TO PUBLISHERS & EDITORS: anyone wishing to reproduce any Hardy image in books or magazines etc. for payment of a (very reasonable) copyright fee may contact us at any time. (Please note also the diagrams at the end of the Hardware section – under 'SciFi & More').  Commissions are also welcome. Just email.

  • To offer his work for sale, both as originals and prints, and special items such as clocks and hand-painted ties. Signed, photo-quality inkjet prints are available in 3 sizes; SuperA3 (£35.00), A3 (£30.00) and A4 (£20.00). Postage and packing for the UK is £4.00; for overseas sales please add an extra £2.00. Where the original is available, the price is stated (delivery extra). Larger prints or giclées may be obtained on request. If you don't see what you want, please just e-mail, using the Contact page.
      Find David A. Hardy on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: click on icons below.
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