Road to the Stars DVD


In 1957 the Russian film director and SFX wizard Pavel Klushantsev made a visionary film called Road to the Stars. There has never been an English version – until now! David A. Hardy has replaced the sound-track with specially-written music by The Light Dreams, and the narration with captions.
The movie starts with the life of the rocket pioneer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, goes on to show the early rocketry experimenters, and ends with amazing scenes of space stations and a Moon-landing.
(Region 2: PAL) NB: because of its origins, this DVD is in 4:3 format; if watched in widescreen it will appear 'stretched'. Only £9.50 postpaid in UK.
*NTSC version now available; NB: Overseas addresses please add £3.50 shipping charge.

Text & images copyright © 2015 AstroArt by David A. Hardy. All Rights Reserved.

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